Daughter not eating her food in school

Jun 15, 2014
So sad with my daughter! Recently we had put her in Preschool. She is not at all eating food. The teachers complained that they tried their best but she didn't. She just vomits all if they compel to eat or after they feed.

what to do i am so much worried with her. did any of you know faced this situtation. please guide me i am so much worried.

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Dec 2, 2011
Welcome to Penmai....friend.

Yes....most of the children would do only like this. This is quite common. So please don't worry for this.

Let me suggest you few ideas to tackle this.

First of all, you should not scold her for not eating.

Once she comes from the school, after finding that she has left everything uneaten, you can ask her the reason for it.

She might tell that, she would eat them if only it is given by you (feed her with spoon).

That time, you should tell her that day by day she is growing as a big girl and she has grown so big that she is attending the school and started learning many things. And only for the babies who are not attending the schools, mothers will feed the food.

Also tell her, that only if she is eating the whole food given in the lunch box, she will have enough strength to play with her friends and learn the alphabets , rhymes etc. which the teachers are teaching. Only then she could tell and teach you and your husband , whatever was taught in the school.

Tell her, that if she is finishing off the lunch box while the teacher is asking the children to eat, you will praise her as GOOD GIRL after coming from the school. And you should tell this without forgetting.

You can also tell her that she will be told one new story by you and you will play with her certain games with her only when she eats without vomiting.

Tell her she could become powerful and beautiful like Dora, Chota Bheem and all the animated characters which she would love to watch.

Tell her that all the friends in the school and the teachers would love to talk and play with her, only when she is eating fully without any adamency.

Tell her that if she is not eating properly, she will not be able to have a beautiful hair, eyes and good eyesight and all the other things.

Initially, you can give her only the snacks or food items which she likes. Later, little by little, you can introduce the healthy food items.

You can prepare the food items in different attractive shapes and colors which will tempt her to eat without hesitation.

And everyday, before going to school, you can tempt her by telling "see darling, today I have kept something very attractive, which you would love to eat......and if you finish it off fully, I will say you as Good girl and Daddy will also feel happy and give you a kiss".

But don't tempt her through bribes like chocolates or any other thing.

You can have much more tips if you click the below link.


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This Article has been published in Penmai eMagazine September 2014. You Can download & Read the magazines HERE.
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Oct 22, 2012
Hi Svardhu ,Jaya ka has given you great tips ...

The first step will be encouraging her to feed by herself at home ..... Note the time she takes to finish ... This may guide you in the portion size to send for school ......

Remember children are very chatty and easily distracted ... so they may not show interest in eating at lunch time ...rather more so in talking to friends ... You will observe when she self feeds at home to ...

It will be a good idea to explain that eating and talking causes food to go in wrong way and also food may not digest well and she can get tummy ache ...

In addition first have a chat as to what she would like to have in her break /lunch time ....

Next will be the lunch box design /character ...water bottle colour etc ....

Do ask her preference in these ... This helps in decision making for them ...Makes her feel grown up etc ... Believe me it helps ....

Next with food -- try incorporate a small portion of her favourite snack or so ... If the child finishes lunch she will be allowed it once a week as a treat ... If not no ...

Let her pick what she wants to eat ... Keep colour themes etc .... Make her lunch box colourful ......

last but not least ...she is only in pre kg ..do not rush her ... she may be so used to you feeding her and her comfort zone is suddenly lost .... So with patience and encouragement you can achieve it ...

One tip that worked for my lil one is before packing school lunch... in the preceding weeks we used to have pretend picnic packed lunches at home and every time we went out like to park , play area and cinemas ... This worked a great deal ....

Good luck.

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This Article has been published in Penmai eMagazine September 2014. You Can download & Read the magazines HERE.
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