daughter not telling anything to me

Aug 4, 2015
my daughter is now LKG. we didn't put her in pre kg. directly admitted in LKG. she is not telling anything about her friends or activitites or teacher etc.

i asked her many times but she is not at all telling anything.

is there anything wrong with her. is this is normal in girls?


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Dec 2, 2011
Hi @renukha

Welcome to Penmai.

Generally how does your daughter talk?

Will she talk a lot with all the family members especially with you?

If she used to talk fluently and if she is not talking only after putting her in the school, then it may mean that she feels little lonely by going to school. ie., she might be missing you while school hours.

At the same time, if she is not of a talkative nature, then she might be keeping quiet because of her nature.

Now, what you can do is,

You should not just ask her bluntly to tell all the happenings of the whole day.

You should deal this playfully.

When she is back to home, first give her something to eat after refreshing.

Then make her sleep.

Once she wakes up, give her something to eat or drink.

During this time, first you start to tell about your day at home. Just like cleaning the home, washing the clothes etc.

Now , you may ask her about her day after you left her at school.

Please do not ask all at once.

Little by little you may inquire .

If she is going to school by bus, then inquire about the names of her friends in the bus.

Ask about the driver/attendant and how he drives the bus, whether he used to talk to any of the student.

For this, you can make use of her dolls.

Ask her to play (you should also play with her) with her doll by sending the doll (mention the doll by a name) to school by bus.

Then the doll should enter the school and meet the friends in the class.

Now ask for her friends' names. Keep some more dolls as the friends.

Now ask her to be the teacher and teach /do whatever her teacher had done in the class.

Meanwhile you can also be one of the student and obey her.

Tell her that you can do those things in the class, if only she tells the happenings during the school hours.

Tell her that you both can play this daily and you can learn so many things from her school experience . Tell her that you don't remember much about your school days when you were in LKG.

Ask her to repeat the same words which were told by the teacher, school attendants/ayaah, friends.

By these , you could judge those persons.

You can tell her some stories and side by side you can enquire about her school happenings by mingling the characters of the story.

Probably by next year she would get accustomed to these and then you can tell her that she needs to tell all the happenings once she leaves for the school till she returns home. You should not tell this as an order but tell her as a friend.

I hope that you would have taught her about the GOOD TOUCH AND BAD TOUCH. This is very very necessary for all the children though the child is a boy or girl.

If necessary, for more and more tips, please click the below link in blue colour.


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