Dealing with a troubled teen


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Dealing with a troubled teen

Teenage years are one of the most difficult phases of life. That is because one experiences too many things at the same time. For e.g., going through puberty, academic responsibility, personality development, peer pressure, dealing with heartache and entangled romantic relationships, and for some coming in terms with one's sexuality, etc.

Also, this phase of transition is often accompanied by the use of alcohol, smoking, drugs, sexual promiscuity out of the many more. Under this scenario, its not surprising if teenagers get prone to depression, anxiety, loneliness, etc. Therefore, it is the parent's responsibility to keep a check on how their children are doing, and to be their support in these difficult and delicate phase of their lives. Here are some pointers, to help to spot your children:

1. Tell and show teenage child that you trust in him or her. Assure them that you love them. This goes a long way in building and strengthening your relationship with your child.

2. Listen to your child's ideas, views and opinions. Also, see how they look at things, it is not necessary that you have to agree with their point of view all the time.

3. You need to let your children know what you expect from them. You need to set certain boundaries and let them know that you will not tolerate certain wrongdoing of theirs.

4. You need to be an alert parent. Watch out the change of moods that your child experiences. For eg., anger, sadness, aggression, etc. Also, see if your child has lost interest in his/her favourite activities. Notice of how often your child cries. Make a note if your child has spoken about hopelessness, suicide or death. And keep a check on how his/her academic performance of late has been?

5. Communicate with them in case you see any of these problems. Make them feel that they can talk to you instead of being scared what you would think of them or what you would feel. Don't be a strict parent, instead be like a friend and help them out.

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