Dealing with your parents alcoholism


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Dealing with your parents alcoholism

Alcoholic parents are more of an embarrassment to children. And most of the times, such parents can be a total sync-breaker in a happy family.

Alcoholism can not only bring about resent towards parents, but they can lead to excess frustration as well. Here's how you can deal with your parents alcoholism.

1. Never blame yourself for their habit.
Make it clear to yourself that you're not the the reason why your parents got addicted to alcohol. Being an alcoholic or not, is ones personal decision. No one can get an individual to become an alcoholic. All you can do, as their child, is to help them understand that it's a problem. Also try getting them out of the addiction.

2. Don't try and hide it, or keep it a secret.
We're not intending you shout it out to the world that your parent is addicted to alcohol. Personally, you should acknowledge that your parent has a drinking problem, no matter how hard they try to conceal the same. This is the first step to taking control. Start by talking to an elder in your family who is close to both you and your parents, and who you think will understand best.

3. Learn to control your emotions.
It is natural that because of your parents drinking habit, they might have caused you harm and you might feel resent towards your parents. But, if you're there to help them, try not to be bitter to them, especially when they're drunk. Try talking to a close friend or counsellor and deal with it your way. Don't make your parent feel that they have made you extremely unhappy and that you regret being called their child.

4. Make sure you try seeking for help as you can't sort this out yourself.
You need to make your parent realise that excessive drinking is a problem and it is important to try and cure it. Get your parents to join a treatment programme or rehab. If you want to keep the whole deal a secret, there are many confidential support groups; so you can get them to join the same.

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