Declaring your pregnancy at Work


Minister's of Penmai
May 21, 2011
Working women often find it difficult to tell their boss that they are pregnant. When and how to tell your boss that you’re pregnant depends on various circumstances. Some pregnant women prefer to break the news in the initial stage while most wait till their second trimester i.e. the time till their pregnancy become is visibe.

[h=2]When to tell your Boss that you're Pregnant[/h]

  • If you are facing certain complications during pregnancy then share the news before your symptoms speak for themselves. This will help you to deal with the pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness and fatigue.
  • If you have stressful work schedule then your boss may shift your job responsibilities. This will help in handling both the work and pregnancy in best manner.
  • Moreover, if your job requires exposure to chemicals then talk to your boss immediately after you get the good news. And take the required steps for protecting yourself and your baby.
  • If you are confident enough that the news will be dealt in a professional manner then you can announce at the initial level. You can wait till fifteen to twentieth week and meanwhile prove that your work is not affected by your pregnancy.

[h=2]How to tell your Boss that you are Pregnant[/h]

  • How to share the news with your boss depends on workplace culture. You can take help from the experiences of other women pregnancies. An important factor to be considered is the kind of relationship you share with your boss.
  • Don’t spread the news amongst your co-employees instead tell your boss first. It is quite unprofessional if your boss gets the news from someone else or is the last person to know about it.
  • Decide where to talk to your boss about your pregnancy. A break room where lots of people are staring at you is a complete ‘no’. Talk to your boss in personal and also see that he/she is not in a bad mood. You can even tale an appointment to talk to your boss.
  • Some women are worried about ‘job security’ during pregnancy. Remember that you can’t be fired simply because you are pregnant so don’t be scared while telling your employer that you're pregnant.
  • Remember that your boss will be worried about how your pregnancy will affect their business. So keep the door of communication open. A professional approach to work is important. Also handle work the way you always have.


Ruler's of Penmai
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Jul 26, 2012
Dear Madam, You have given such motivating and doubt clearing tips to our young pregnant members. Your suggestions will definitely help them to cross their ambiguities and fears to inform their bosses regarding their pregnancy. thanks

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