Deepika Govind creates an Eri saree


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Deepika Govind creates an Eri saree

Deepika Govind, one of India's most creative and daring designers, and a harbinger of textile innovation, has launched yet another first - The Eri Saree.

Having worked on unique silks throughout her career, creating fabrics for the senses and sensibilities, Deepika's journey brought her to the less worked-upon yet phenomenal fabric of peace - Eri. Beginning with a collection of Eri stoles and shawls, she intensified the R & D to evolve a collection of evening essentials that have an unpolished spontaneity - the Eri saree.

The Eri sarees are imbued with natural, completely organic dyes, creating an exotic range that requires no further artisanal embellishment beyond the liberating weave and an extraordinary palette - ubiquitous black with dark emerald green motifs and a bindi-red palao; copper and raw sienna with vibrant chichlid blue; a teal saree with a chartruese green palao; mauve and dark orchid with a picasso blue palao .

The beautiful Eri fabric seems energized with iridescence and translucence, a subtle lustre that only vegetable dyes can achieve. The result - a modern solution to a perennial classic, revisited and refreshed, and with a distinct eco-conscious touch.

"While my quest to find a silk that does no harm to any life form finally found an answer, a challenging task lay ahead - to turn a naturally coarse and rugged silk into a supple and soft fabric of international quality and functionality," said Deepika Govind of her new collection. "Eri continued to intrigue me for its unusual characteristics, for one, its thermal properties (being warm in winter, cool in summer), making it one of the finest options for stoles and shawls," she added.

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