Dental filling during pregnancy


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May 21, 2011
You should visit the dentist more than once while you're pregnant as the hormones circulating in your body can affect your gums.

You are also more likely to get a build-up of plaque (a type of bacteria) on your teeth, your gums are become more likely to bleed in pregnancy, and there is a greater chance of them becoming inflamed or infected (known as gestational gingivitis), which can lead to tooth decay. Try to make regular and thorough teeth cleaning part of your routine, and ask your dentist or dental hygienist about the best ways to clean your teeth and the best brushes and pastes to use.

There's no harm in filling teeth after the fourth month of pregnancy, especially if you are in pain. Your dentist can use a special anesthesia suitable for pregnant women. An abscess can badly affect you.It's better to take an appropriate antibiotic as recommended by your doctor and then treat the affected tooth than to let the situation get worse.

Make sure the dentist knows you are pregnant so she can decide on the best method of treatment if you do have any problems which need treating. Although there is no evidence of health risks associated with mercury amalgam fillings, they are not recommended during pregnancy. Your dentist can suggest alternatives. Don't forget to ensure you're getting enough calcium through your diet during pregnancy to strengthen your baby's milk teeth while developed.

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