DEPRESSION: "I Feel Guilty for Being Alive"


Ruler's of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
The underlying cause of 70 % of suicides is depression. For every suicide, around ten more attempted suicides would have occurred.

Depression is a worldwide phenomenon and about 30 % of patients reaching for primary care and specialty care have this problem.

However, the patients never realize it nor are the treating physicians oriented towards understanding depression in patients.

Intervention at the right time can help morbidity and mortality of attempted suicides.

The attempt is actually a call for help which goes unnoticed.

There are various socially accepted reasons that people attach for suicides, like failure in examinations or broken relationships.

Depression hides behind a mask of bodily symptoms like abdominal pain or other body pains and when investigated they reveal nothing.

He said that it is purely lack of awareness on the part of the primary care physician that depression goes undetected at these stages.

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