Dhoti pants are popular among women


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Dhoti pants are popular among women

With their fashionable dhoti pants, girls have done the unthinkable - grabbed what was exclusively the accessory of men...

It's one of those things men take smug pride in:
the quintessential dhoti. Right from a milkman down the road to the CEO of that classy company, which man doesn't enjoy strutting about in his roomy dhoti-tying, untying and retying; folding up till the knee, folding up further, exposing unflattering thigh space, and then letting on the floor again... all with the grace of a trained dancer. But how can one forget the cliched line 'girls want to have all the fun'?

Dhotis are no longer male domain as an increasing number of women have taken to these garments- albeit, with a twist. Girls have truly stolen male thunder this time and seem to be loving every bit of it. When lungis are being sought-after by a European fashion brand, can dhotis be far behind?

Comfort with style
To give them their due, dhoti pants hit the runway some time back. However, it is only in recent times that they are being sported with a fashionable fervour. Colleges, especially, are hotspots for this super-comfortable piece of clothing, where young girls wear them in various styles. "Dhoti pants are the hottest things this time around," says Dhwani Raj, a student, adding, "They combine comfort and functionality. When in college, we have to move around a lot, and have various activities that require us to stretch and flex. On that aspect, jeans are restrictive, but dhoti pants are just right. Also, they add a beachy touch to an otherwise mundane college day and are pretty inexpensive too."

Pair perfect
Fashion student Deepika Sharma explains that dhoti pants are versatile because they can be teamed with either a fitted short kurta or a wellcut long t-shirt and look just as great either way. "In fact, even peasant tops work great with them. For a rockerchic look, choose dhoti pants in grey, brown or black and team it up with a t-shirt and padded blazer. Wear a top hat, and you're all set to rock it!" she pipes. However, the easier look to pull off is pairing it with a simple, solid colour t-shirt and teaming it up with Bohemian accessories.

Hippie, hippie, hurrah
In terms of patterns, while pastel shades and burnt earth colours are haute right now, the most popular patterns are definitely Bohemian. "Dhoti pants in bright colours like hot pink, blue, green and red look great, especially when they have quirky, ethnic floral and paisley prints," says ad executive J Maha, adding, "They give you a very artsy, hippie look. The best ones are priced dirt cheap and can be bought at Mahabalipuram and Puducherry, where almost all the firang tourists wear them due to their airy nature and comfort quotient. They are the best bets to beat the heat."

Boys to men
It's a classic case of girl borrowing from boy and boy borrowing back from girl. Dhoti pants are being worn by the guys too. Model Jacob J says, "Not many men can pull it off, but when worn right and with a proper attitude, dhoti pants look ultra-cool. Guys wear them on a beach outing or for a casual meeting with friends in the evening. Most of them prefer to pair dhoti pants with a racer-back t-shirt."

No harem this!
Don't confuse dhoti pants with harem pants. Dhoti pants are loose only at the upper leg which is the thigh area. They start tapering gradually thereafter. Harem pants are airy and loose throughout the leg area except at the hemline. Also, the area with gathered fabric is more for dhoti pants and less for harem pants.

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