diabetes any ways to avoid


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Dec 2, 2011
Hi @vimalanovels

If your family members especially any of your parents or paternal grandparents are/were suffering from Diabetes, then you are also highly prone to it.

But even then you can try hard to avoid acquiring it atleast at your younger age.

You can reduce the intake of white rice and instead shift to brown rice one time a day.

You can reduce your sugar intake to the minimum.

You can indulge in sternous activities atleast for few hours a day, by not sitting always (even during your job time)

You can practice Yoga to increase or keep the proper secretion of Insulin.

You can go for brisk walking both in the early morning and in the night - 2 hours after dinner.

You can avoid the intake of aerated drinks and fried items, fast foods, to a large extent.

These activities will keep you atleast a little away from the Diabetes.

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