Diabetics must keep handy


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Diabetics must keep handy

Diabetes, a serious lifestyle disease, cannot be cure once developed. Nonetheless, you can do a lot to control diabetes.Important aspects of controlling diabetes are to do with maintaining good health, monitoring it regularly and taking necessary precautions by keeping a few things handy, such as prescribed medication, a glucometer and ketone strips.

Food chart
- Whether you should or should not eat certain foods is very important must-know information for every diabetic. It's crucial to know which foods have a high glycerin index as these will definitely raise the after meals blood sugar levels, which if elevated can lead to various complications.

- It keeps a check on routine blood sugar levels on a particular diet or on a particular diabetic drug. Regular ambulatory blood sugar monitoring also helps adjustment of doses of insulin.

Prescribed medication -
It is a must for every diabetic patient to avoid hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia. Prescribed drugs should be taken as per the prescribed dose, routinely with meals to avoid function of blood sugar levels which cause a health risk.

- Certain forms of diabetes require insulin for management and cannot be controlled through oral hypoglycemic agents alone. For these patients, insulin is a must to carry.

Appropriate footwear
- Any ill-fitting footwear due to constant pressure at one point or other can cause pressure which can be converted into non healing painless ulcers. It can also get infected due to decreased pain sensitivity in diabetes which prolongs pain and misery. So, appropriate footwear should always be a priority for diabetic patients.

Ketone strips
These instantly check blood ketone levels if you feel you are too high or low on sugar. Increased ketones in blood and urine signify acids which can be life threatening and can also lead to coma. Early identification may help reduce complications.

Diabetic identification badge
- A diabetic should carry a diabetic identification badge. This is because whenever you are in trouble, anyone can recognize and provide the necessary help. It is a must for patients who suffer from hypoglycemia (low sugar levels in blood), as only 20 gm of sugar given by mouth can save a person's life.

First aid box
- Small bruises or cuts, especially on the legs, can become infected or gangrenous many a times. The first aid kit should include antiseptic ointments, gauze bandages, a roll of cotton and antibiotics. Even though it is not possible for everyone to carry a first aid kit all the time you can keep it at a handy place.

Dental care kit -
Diabetes can affect oral health too, which leads to problems such as tooth decay and various gum problems. Carrying a dental kit isn't imperative, but one needs to make sure to follow a dental hygiene routine using a soft bristled toothbrush.

Sugar treats -
A diabetic person should carry some sugar candy in his or her pocket at all times. If there is a sudden drop in blood sugar level, then one needs immediate sugar through mouth.

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