Diet for digestive disorders


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Jul 5, 2011
Diet for digestive disorders

Digestive disorders crop up when certain foods and lifestyle changes react negatively, resulting in acidity, heart burn, constipation and gas.

These digestive disorders and several others can be prevented with the right diet. Here are diet tips for different digestive disorders.

*Data Courtesy:Dr. Dinesh Singal, Senior Consultant, Gastroenterology, Pushpawati singhania Research Institute (PSRI Hospital)

Acid peptic diseases like Gastro-esophageal reflux disease, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

Diet: Avoid sour, spicy, oily food for reflux diseases, in addition also reduce tea, coffee, colas, mints, chocolate intake.

Gas and bloating

Diet: This could mean you are lactose intolerant; avoid milk and juices but have curds and butter milk.


Diet: Avoid milk and juices, but drink plenty of fluids in the form of neembu pani (lemonade), lassi (sweetened yoghurt drink), curd, soups. Follow a diet with soft food and have fruits too.

Liver disorders/ jaundice

Diet: No particular diet is needed except that oil and fats should be reduced. If person has cirrhosis with fluid in abdomen then total salt intake in 24 hours should be reduced to 4 gram per day. Avoid having heavy meals at one go. A high protein diet is also recommended.

People start having bland diet whenever they have jaundice or liver disease, which is not necessary. You can also have yellow foods.

Gall stone disease

Diet: Fats and oil intake should be reduced. No diet restriction is needed after gall bladder removal.

Pancreatic diseases

Diet: Fats and oils should be avoided. Some pancreatic diseases are associated with diabetes, in that case, follow a diabetic diet.

Celiac disease

Diet: Wheat containing products should completely be avoided.


Diet: High fibre diet should be taken like whole fruits, wheat with bran.

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