diet menu for 2 year old son

May 22, 2013
hai to all. i am a house wife, my son is 2 year old now. i am very much confused with his eating habits. sometimes he eats wel and at times he is very adament to have foods. i dont what type food i have to give now. pls any moms help me to give my son healthy foods . post me the diet menu for this age type kids. pls help me.


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Dec 2, 2011
Hi Kavitha,

Welcome to Penmai.

When your son is eating properly, praise him a lot.
At the same time, when he is adamant to eat, remind him of those days when you praised him, and tell him that he will be praised, whenever he eats everything which is kept in the plate.

You can give all the items to him whichever you cook at home.

Try to prepare the foods in an attractive way, in different shapes. They always need change.

You can follow the below diet menu.

After brushing his teeth, try to give some warm water which will stimulate his motion. This method will be very useful, when he starts going to school.

Then, give him a glass of milk (you can add any energy powders like Boost, complan etc., if he likes).

For breakfast, you can give him all the tiffin items like dosa, chappathi (these can be made in different shapes), idli, pongal etc.

You can also give Ragi koozh for a change.

You can also give Cereals like Kellogs etc. soaked in milk and sugar if necessary.

Then for lunch, give him rice, ghee, sambar, rasam and curd. Along with this, practice him to eat lots of vegetables and greens.

If he is not taking curd rice, you can give the curd in a cup either plain or with sugar. Curd has lot of vitamin A.

In the evening, you can give him Ragi kanji (dilute ) with some biscuits.

For dinner, you can again give him any tiffin items or rice items.

While going to bed, give him a glass of milk.

For some more details, you may go through the below links

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