Diet plans according to your sun sign


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Jul 5, 2011
Diet plans according to your sun sign

Our star signs could help us determine the best way to keep in shape, says an international astrologer. We find out more.

Using her insights, Sharon Ward has created a special astro-diet plan. She says, "Astrology can give us a real insight into personalities, so it can help you find a diet and exercise regime that you'll stick to." she said. Dietician, Anne Myers spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association said the astro-diet plan has some great ideas although she advises against cutting out whole food groups like carbohydrates or dairy. "I think everyone should be following these suggestions — like planning ahead with meals, making time to eat, ditching fatty sugary foods and including lots of protein and fresh fruit, whatever star sign they are," she said. Read on to find out what diet would suit your star sign.

Aries: Mar 20 - Apr 20
When it comes to dieting, anything that gives you quick results is ideal for you, as patience is not your virtue.
Diet: Something that is high in protein, and low in carbs works for you. Since it's an extreme diet a regular health checks are a must to keep an eye on cholesterol levels, among other things.
Exercise: Go for aerobics, circuits, sprinting, in fact anything that tests you to the limit.

Taurus: Apr 21-May 21
You love sweet treats, so you have to plan ahead, to ensure you stay in shape.
Diet: Strike a balance include a large amount of veggies in your diet, and indulge once in a way in a cake. Look at including brown rice, wholemeal bread and dried fruit which leave you feeling full.
Exercise: Use your stubbornness to keep you focused on a goal, such as running 5 km in 30 minutes.

Gemini: May 22-June 22
You find it hard to stick to the same diet or a fixed exercise regime, so have to mix it up to keep things interesting.
Diet: Balance lots of varied food groups alongside a varied exercise regime. Avoid crisps and chocolate bars by having a box of chopped fruit, in your bag to snack on instead.
Exercise: Try a mix of aerobics and high-intensity workouts to stop you getting bored.

Cancer: June 23-July 23
Comfort eating and bingeing are common traits. Cancer rules the stomach and food brings a sense of emotional security, so when you're upset, you find solace in food.
Diet: Focus on eating healthy, and stay focused to avoid cravings.
Exercise: Try swimming and Tai Chi.

Leo: July 24-Aug 23
Once Leos decide on a course of action, they have the energy and commitment to see it through.
Diet: Leos have a weakness for cheese, cream and red meat. Small, high-protein meals — plenty of eggs, fish and pulses work for you. The fewer carbs the better.
Exercise: Try weights, squash and Zumba.

Virgo: Aug 24-Sep 23
Stay away from fad diets.
Diet: Go for fibre-rich food, such as fresh fruit, salads, salmon and nuts. Avoid bread, full-fat milk and cream.
Exercise: Body-sculpting exercise classes such as Pilates and yoga will appeal to you.

Libra: Sep 24-Oct 23
Balance and harmony are Libran watchwords, so incorporate these into your diet and fitness regimes.
Diet: Partial to sweet treats, you have to learn to balance your sugar levels, and include calcium-rich foods and plenty of fluids.
Exercise: Try yoga

Scorpio: Oct 24-Nov 22 You are clear about the direction you want to take in life, and are determined to achieve her goals.
Diet: Include lots of pulses and fish in your diet.
Exercise: Try martial arts or kick-boxing.

Sagittarius: Nov 23-Dec 21
You love travelling and a varied routine. Try vegetable juices such as carrot and beetroot to detox.
Diet: Include lots of fish, nuts, seeds, vegetables and rice. Try sushi or rice cakes instead of junk food.
Exercise: Try hiking, cycling or running.

Capricorn: Dec 22-Jan 20
Self-discipline can go a long way in helping you stay slim and fit.
Diet: Mixing meals — chicken, vegetables, eggs, fruit, rice and pasta — alongside the special soups, bars and shakes allows you to rigorously monitor you calorie intake, which you'll enjoy.
Exercise: You work well on your own, so go ahead and run by yourself.

Aquarius: Jan 21-Feb 19
You make, and break, the rules as you go along, which makes sticking to a diet a challenge!
Diet: Have foods rich in B vitamins such as leafy vegetables, tuna and eggs.
Exercise: Try hula-hooping, trapeze workouts or ultra-marathons.

Pisces: Feb 20-Mar 20
You need a regime that's relaxing rather than tough and high-energy.
Diet: Include garlic and ginger, and try low-fat Asian foods.
Exercise: Try stretching, swimming and dancing every day to relieve stress.
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