Diet To Remove Double Chin


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Diet To Remove Double Chin

Have you seen many people with an extra sagging chin under their chin. We call this extra sack of fat as double chin. There is a lot of misinformation about double chins. To remove this extra chin from under your face, you must first understand why it is there.

These are some of the causes due to which you can get an extra chin under your face.

Some Cause Of Double Chin:
1. Hereditary Face Structure: You would have noticed that double chin runs in some families. Even skinny members of this family have a pouch of fat hanging under their face. This happens because their genes predispose them to store more fat under their chin than the rest of the body.

2. Excess Water Retention: Some women develop an extra chin during their pregnancy. This is because of excessive water retention in the body. Just like the rest of the body swells up, so does the chin.

3. Obesity: The primary cause of this extra fat deposition is obesity. If you are overweight, then the fat will be deposited all over your body. When the fat cells find no more space to grow on the face, they form a layer of lose hanging pouch under the chin.

4. Aging: The extra chin is also a bit of an aging issue. It is a wrinkle after all. If you already had an extra chin, then it will be worse when you age.
This extra fat mars the beauty of your entire face. To get rid of it, you need exercises and also a diet that works for you. To lose the sagging pouch under your face, try the following double chin diet.

Double Chin Diet:
1. First of all, understand the cause of double chin and then decide which diet works for you. If your extra chin is due to water retention then no point going on a low carb double chin diet.

2. If you have a hereditary disposition towards a double chin, then start watching what you eat from a very early stage. Junk food and binge drinking cannot be your lifestyle choice because you already a have a set of genes that favour double chin.
3. Obesity is one of the main causes of extra face fat. So, try to lose weight all over your body because when you do that, your extra chin will automatically disappear. Say no to trans fats and refined carbohydrates.

4. Choose lean meats like chicken and turkey to have a fabulous face. Red meat should be consumed very rarely by people who wish to loose fat.

5. If your chin is expanding due to water retention then you have to lower the intake of sodium and potassium in your food. This means having food with lesser salt in it. Also avoid salty snacks like salted nuts.

6. If you use a small technique to eat your food along with the above diet, then you can get the most astounding results. Chew your food with exaggerated mouth movements before you swallow. This chewing exercise can be better performed if you eat fibrous food that requires much chewing like lean meat or fruits like sugarcane.
Give your face a new shape by getting rid of the double chin.

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