Difference between Skimmed milk and Toned milk?


Guru's of Penmai
Feb 5, 2011
Difference between Skimmed milk and Toned milk? Which is good to consume? Which milk is good for those who are in diet?? Which brand is good?
to say in simple terms
1. In skimmed milk - fat less than < 0.5 % , snf (solids not fat) - 9.0%
2. In Toned milk - fat = 3.0 % , snf (solids not fat) - 8.5%
both milks are good in their own way, for people who are on diet skimmed milk is better because(1g of fat is equal to 9 Kcal of energy so 0.5g of fat is 4.5(0.5*9) Cal of energy, same way 3g of fat equals 27(3*9) cal of energy). Even though you consume more milk you will have less energy from fat.
Coming to brand go for any which Has HACCP or ISO certified

PS :1 Fat gram = 9 calories,1 Carbohydrate gram = 4 calories, 1 Protein gram = 4 calories

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