Diploma course' for brides and grooms 'a must'


Minister's of Penmai
May 21, 2011
A pre-marital diploma course must be introduced for brides and grooms nationwide to prepare them for married life, says Madras high court judge, Justice Vimala.
Speaking at the national conference of All India Federation of Women Lawyers (AIFWL) in Chennai on Sunday, she advised parents who fix their daughter’s marriage with NRI grooms, to take the bride first to Web centres and 'teach her about e-mail before taking her to the beauty parlour'.
She added that a mother should ensure that she has packed copies of marriage documents in her daughter's suitcase before 'stuffing it with sarees'.
"Marriage with NRI groom is arranged overnight. Parents take pride to say that their son-in-law is working abroad. They should be aware of the job of the groom, his earnings, his address. The family members should teach the bride about emergency situations and how to handle them," she cautioned.

She pointed out that many marriages and childbirths are not registered.
"Teach the bride to preserve the marriage documents, details of the groom’s employment. Get the confirmation of the job of the groom before arranging the marriage," she added.
On a more social perspective, Justice Vimala mentioned married couples must understand responsibilities of parenthood.
"Even before marriage, they should know about raising children and their responsibility towards the child. They should be enlightened how children would suffer when there is a conflict between the parents."


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