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Mar 16, 2011
Ok, in recent months, it's really become dependent Decorators Millionaire TV show, which led to all purchases are furniture, prints, rugs, and a delicious light bulbs. Thus, it was quite a shock when during the night in my usual routine, I was able to find more than just a favorite vase Perricone MD Cold Plasma was empty !!!!!

I kid you not read that tears began to well in my eyes because I knew my adventure with interior design, I had no money to rebuild.

OMG! What shall I do without assistance during the night? I can not go without my assistance pearl night so I went to find cheap, but a good temporary care.

What I think you might ask, well, the answer may surprise you ... bio oil, yes, people bio oil, tradition and the scar of the grooves worked a treat! My skin is divine in the morning and although quite greasy, absorbs quickly.

Hmmm, I can not be something I defiantly keeps you updated. All my recent experiments in products for skin care and skin care information in general form that includes tips, read my blog and let your friends know too!
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