Discrimnation on complexion is the worst...


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Aug 4, 2015
"Is this the girl you are going to marry?"
"Yes dad. Isn't she pretty?"
"She is dark. I can't even see her face clearly."
"It's a dark photograph dad. Trust me, her face is visible enough."
"Where is she from?"
"Panjim. Goa."
"Definitely not Sikh. Hindu?"
"Atheist, but yes, her parents are Hindu."
"Hmmm... Can't she use fairness creams? You are milky white. You both together will look like a black and white film."
"We will look good together, like a chess-board. Don't worry dad."
"Will you feel comfortable taking her as your bride back to our hometown?
Beautiful Sardarnis back home in Jalandhar, and here you are stuck with this black girl."
"Chill dad. You want some ice-cream?"
"I shouldn't. Diabetes. But I guess one scoop won't do much harm."
"Vanilla or chocolate? Okay sorry for my stupidity. Vanilla of course?"
"What? No, I want chocolate."
"But vanilla is what you must have dad. It's white."
"What difference does the color make?"
"Exactly dad."
Via The Anonymous Writer

dont discriminate based on complexion.
luv ur mate apart from color.nthng gonna to makes n color.
Skin color can't determine what you are. Every girl is beautiful regardless of color, weight and other aspects that we have set for beauty .
luv their feelngs and luv them ...:thumbsup
Value yourself first. Others will keep judging you.:cheer:
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