Dissolution of Marriages in India


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
[FONT=georgia, bookman old style, palatino linotype, book antiqua, palatino, trebuchet ms, helvetica, garamond, , arial, verdana, avante garde, century gothic, comic sans ms, times, times new roman, serif]Marriage [/FONT]is an alliance entered into by a man who can't sleep with the window
shut, and a woman who can't sleep with the window open. ' George Bernard

Dissolution is the other word of Divorce. In ancient India this mere word Divorce was taboo. Indians were very proud of their strong and stable wedlock and satisfied with their happy and hormonious family life

Economy,technology and Media collapsed the  marriage  of  Indians. Different dieases like blood pressur,Diabetics , heartattack and dpression ;are the result of Divorce to the full family. The children and elderly parents are the worst victim. They are helpless and lonely. This happens in the age group of 25 to 35.The next age groups live together as two strangers for the sake of chidren Two people trying to dance a duet and two solos at the same time
.Why thishappens in India? Here are some points.

Development of women

Illiterate humble woman develops into apowerful,strong career womanheartless,proud and full of ego. Woman is liberated but in a negative way.

Greater societal acceptance of divorcees in urban
areas and also a gradual acceptance of divorced daughters by families

The anonymity of big cities has helped divorced people avoid the glare of judgmental friends and relatives.

Financial freedom to walk away from an abusive relationships.

The sanctity of marriage is taking a beating.
People’s attitudes towards marriage itself are changing…and as a result
they do not work hard at it as before.

More DINKS couples(double income no kids) who are not held back by the fear of how the divorce will impact children.

Stress of modern life. Today’s working environment has
changed drastically. The economy having opened up, most companies are
facing intense competition and this leads to tremendous pressure on
employees. Working late, 6 days a week, without holidays and with a boss
who breathes down your throat can create a lot of frustration and
tension. This can destroy a marriage, whether it’s just one partner
working, or both.

Loneliness.Nuclear families have meant loneliness for
the non-working partner, compounded by moving away from familiar
environments. This can result in estrangement, affairs:

gender roles If the wife is working, gender roles change. Conflicts arising from sharing the work load at home adds to the stress faced at work. Tensions often arise if the husband imagines that the woman’s career is temporary or the woman imagines that her husband will lend a hand at home

Professional rivalry. Whether in traditional India or the emancipated west, menare still not comfortable with the strong independent modern woman. Men might feel that they are ready for a working partner, and they can be…but not for a high powered career woman. they aren’t enough men who are emotionally secure enough to be comfortable with a woman who is more successful than them

Extra martial affairs of both gender.

what is the solution for this problem?

That must be true I’m sure, but women cannot take a step
back, or start to take up non-threatening jobs…it’s taken hundreds of
years for women to reach here. They have aspired to reach here because
the traditional ‘woman’s work’ has never got them the respect they
deserved. I personally believe that nurturing kids is a job as worthy as
that of a chief executive, but how many people will agree? It’s human
beings that we are talking about here…and if things go wrong at a
company, sure people lose money…but if upbringing fails the result can
be disturbed people and unhealthy people! Or even worse.

All the more reason why dads should contribute to parenting…and that will also give women a chance to do more ‘important’ work.

what’s the future?

Whether for men or women, I guessgreater comfort levels with the changed gender roles is a must! Women need to value and respect men who earn less than them and men need to put aside their egos when faced with a woman who earns more.

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After hearing this song we will understand the essence of marriage.
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