Distance making the heart wonder --- Long distance relationship


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Jul 5, 2011
Distance making the heart wonder --- Long distance relationship

Long distance relationships can be very liberating as you don't have to tell your partner every time where you are or what are you doing but it can also make a person depressed, aloof and isolated.

"Long distance relationships can be demanding and are not for everybody,"" Most people fail to maintain it as they can't bear the agony of not being able to see each other, lose trust and end up fighting or breaking up.

Here are a few tips that can help you make your relationship work.


It is important that you talk to each other as much as you can. With several modes of communication available today, you and your partner can email, text and call each other. You may also write letters and send cards - these conventional ways are always much more romantic.


Your partner may feel insecure and lonely. So, do express your feelings for them. Tell your partner how much you love and miss him/her. Also, make them realise the importance of expressing and ask them to reciprocate.Inform your partner

Keep each other informed of things happening in your life - like new friendships and outings. This will help you know more about each other's lives and will also make your partner believe that he/she is important and you still want to share everything with them. "It is important that you
speak to your partner in a reassuring manner and fill them with details about your life so that they don't feel left out,"

See each other

Technology definitely is a boon for such couples. With plenty of software and websites available today, it is now possible to see each other even if you are miles apart. Video conferencing will surely end your craving to see your beloved. "


This is one of the most important factors to keep your relationship alive. Without it, the relationship won't last long. Don't make assumptions and doubt your partner unnecessarily. Have faith and take all insecurities out of your mind.


Surprise your partner by sending gifts and cards. Ideal gifts would
include handmade cookies, stuffed toys and dresses. You can also send a dozen fresh roses or other gifts via the Internet.

Surprise visits

If your budget allows, plan a visit and surprise your partner. A surprise visit will surely sweep your partner off their feet and make them feel special. This will also satiate your need to feel each other's presence that will help bring vitality back to your relationship.

Be strong

There will be problems in such relationships because one has to face all complexities and difficulties alone. "The problem aggravates if it's a married couple with kids, for it becomes difficult to raise the kids single-handedly." So, one has to be mentally strong and

remember that it is just a phase which will soon pass by.
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