DNA tests to tell if your partner will cheat on you


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
DNA tests to tell if your partner will cheat on you

Move over, horoscopes! Cheap at-home DNA tests can predict whether your partner is likely to be a cheating love rat or they are marriage material. Experts say just using a strand of your partner's hair and one USB-like device that can be plugged into the side of a laptop can find out whether your partner is likely to cheat on you. They said it won't be too long before it's on a supermarket shelf near you, 'The Age' reported.

"I think it's inevitable because it's going to be really easy to do. It's quick, cheap and you'll be able to buy it off the shelf and just do it," said professor Michael Gillings, a biologist from Macquarie University in Australia.

The tests using the technology, called nanopore DNA sequencing, can detect whether someone is more likely to commit long-term or to cheat among other things.

It works by profiling the genes that control neurotransmitters such as oxytocin (which relates to commitment) and vasopressin (which relates to fidelity). "When you are going out with a new guy, you could get a sample of his DNA, sequence it and say, 'I'm not going out with him, he's got a tiny part of his gene that would be a good prediction he is going to be promiscuous'," Gillings said. He predicts the tests will become popular. He anticipates "DNA match-making where along with your profile on e-Harmony, you submit a DNA sample".

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