Do Babies show signs of Intelligence?


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Jun 28, 2011

Babies exhibit intelligence 100 percent. Apart from parents they recognize other members of the house who come and go, they recognize even the workers at home, they remember names if they are told. Son of my brother in law is three years old and he at this age cares about everyone. If someone is not well, the next day he asks the person how r u feeling now? Shall I help you? He remembers things very well. He can narrate hindi rhymes aswell, apart from telugu and english rhymes. He sings bhajans very well. He is fond of music and listening to the tune, he says what is the song. He hyms various tones of music. He can identify all our leaders. Children are for sure intelligent but it is in our hands as to what extent we encourage them and how we give them inputs.

It is said the morning shows the day but am sorry to say this proverb never shows it power all time specially in case of babies. In teens babies shows its intelligence but this does not proof that in future the baby will show same quality.The parents generally have one or two babies and that baby is the pupil of parents. As a result what does the baby it becomes unique to them and always thinks that the baby is too much intelligent but fact is every baby shows this intelligence.

Take the example of Sir Albert Einstein. In childhood he was very dull in mathematics and once he was failed in math exam. But in future wht we find in him. Everybody knows.

And in my personal [FONT=inherit ! important]life
[FONT=inherit ! important][/FONT][FONT=inherit ! important],[/FONT] I saw a girl who was really brilliant in childhood, but in [FONT=inherit ! important]course[/FONT] of time she turned into a general student.

So pls never be hopeful about the intelligence of a baby... be patient and see wht is in him. If he is really brilliant and intelligent nobody will be able to check him. If the babies are very naughty, they will do mischievous things like climbing on the window, running here and there, etc.Some will be interested in playing games both out door and indoor. If they are interested in playing cricket, or football it means that they are interested in such games and can be coached in those fields. Some will be interested in taking the books in the hands and simply pretending to read. They will be good in studies.

Thus, they show good signs of intelligence in their childhood.

Sumathi Srini


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