does this marriage is good for me?


Jun 7, 2014
i am now 29.. my parents searching my better half for more than 3 years but nothing suits bests. now they had finalled with one our distance relative's son. but they are expecting too much nearly 80souverigns of gold. my father put 50 souverigns for my elder sister.

though all the thing is ok with this guy only with gold and the other expectations are too much from them. my parents asking if you like this guy then we can continue or else we can leave it..

i don't know wht to say them. i don't think that i can lead a peaceful life with this guy.. am i correct?


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Dec 2, 2011
Welcome to Penmai , friend.

Have your Parents negotiated with them regarding the reducing of their demands ?

If yes, have the boy's Parents reduced their demands or very adamant in sticking to their demands?

If your parents have negotiated and if the boy's side has reduced atleast some of their demands, then you can come to a decision that they are not so strict with their demands and somewhat lineant.

You can decide that they will hear to other's voice and will also care about other's financial position.

In case, if they are not at all accepting to any of your parent's request, then you need not accept this alliance, at all.

It is very clear that they give importance only to money and status but not to the girl.

On the other hand, your parents can have an inquiry about the boy , his activities, his character and other details, through his circles, without their knowledge.

If suppose, the boy's character is very good, then you can proceed with this alliance.

In this case, your parents can openly tell the boy's parents, that they will not be in a position to meet all their demands in future, if it is out of your parent's reach (financial position). They can assure the boy's parents that the regular seer would be done to you after marriage (atleast for 1 year, your parents may need to do some or other seer to you). But it will be only till a limit and a big expectation of theirs(boy's parents) may not be fulfilled.

If the boy's parents accepts to these negotiations, then you may proceed with this alliance.

During these negotiations and finalising it, your parents can record the conversation without their knowledge (this may be helpful in future).

I am telling to continue with this alliance if the boy is of good character, since , finding a suitable match for you seems to be very difficult.

Otherwise, generally in other cases, you can just avoid this alliance whose demand is so high which may be out of reach for your financial position.

These people will always be demanding lots and lots throughout your married life.
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