Dog Walks A Mile On Hind Legs Dressed As School Girl


Ruler's of Penmai
Aug 9, 2012
You’ve heard of putting on the dog, but this is no put-on.

A man in China’s Sichuan province has trained his poodle to walk upright on its hind legs — for a whole mile.

Even more amazing — or weirder — the male pooch does his mile-long walk of shame dressed as a school girl.

The dog’s owner, who was only identified by as Zhu, says he spent about two months training the year-old canine to walk the distance on hind legs.

Zhu said his poodle, whose name was not reported, actually looks forward to dressing up like a female human and go on the walks, according to

Now Zhu is training other dogs to do similar humiliating feats.

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