Don’t be a competitive mom


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Don’t be a competitive mom

One of the biggest characteristic of a doting mother is for her to see her child be the first in everything.

This leads to many of them being excessively competitive when raising their children, constantly comparing him or her to others. Unknowingly, this could lead to children facing excessive pressure when it performing their daily tasks, let alone taking part in special activities. Here are a few ways to ensure you don't be that competitive mother:

- Remember that milestone development is relative. Even Einstein couldn't speak until he was four, so there's no actual yardstick to measure anything!

- Avoid turning parenting into a competition. Being a mother is no competitive race, it is a responsibility and a profession that needs your love, care and special attention. Also, there's no finish line!

- In case you are surrounded by competitive mothers around you, let them feel that they are victorious. In that way, you rule out all possibilities of them forcing themselves upon you again.

- Be around mothers who are caring and do not indulge in petty competitions.

- Also, remember that it is not a test of your parenting skills, your child is growing up to face the world on his or her own capabilities.

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