Don't chase her madly


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Don't chase her madly

Don't lust for the attention of someone you like. It can boomerang. Has anyone told you that? Even if the answer is 'yes', there are times when a person is so hopelessly enamoured that he fails to respect those words of wisdom.

The desire to seek attention eclipses every other thought, leading to desperate measures like dressing up in one's best and waiting for her to walk past, just for exchanging a fleeting smile. Even sillier manoeuvres are known to exist. However, this is why everything can go wrong if you try too much.

What is he? :
Persistent pursuit can lead to too many doubts. 'What does the guy want from me?' 'Is he good or bad?' 'Is he a stalker?' A deluge of suspicions is an absolute disaster. The person will choose to stay away, no matter how hard you try later. Can't blame her. You made sure that everyone went wrong.

Look at me:
Many guys try to corner a conversation with one-liners, and that too, an overdose of them. A girl might be initially impressed, but it does not take her long to figure out that the guy is acting too smart. Endeavouring to be too witty can be a complete fiasco and, once that happens, expect nothing more.

Praise other guys, and be with her friends:
Few guys are cool enough to enjoy a conversation when a girl praises some other guy. Chill. Take it in your stride with a smile. Praise that fellow even if you don't like him one bit. If that is tough, pretend to agree with whatever she says. Remember that everything in fair in love and fair. Later, if your relationship takes off, you can always tell her you were lying!

More importantly, make sure you also hang around with her male friends as one of them. Don't try to occupy all the space around her. She will feel claustrophobic.

Go slow:
Most of us want a relationship to turn serious the moment we are sure about someone. The girl you like may not think likewise. Hence, go slow. Give her time. Try to figure out what she is thinking. Don't tell her that her world begins and ends with you till you are, well, more or less, sure that she thinks similarly.

No relationship turns into a romance from day one. But, take it easy. If it has to happen, it will.

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