Don't speak to these friends


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Jul 5, 2011
Don't speak to these friends

When a group of friends get together, in most cases their current relationship status always comes up as a topic of discussion. The male species is dissected, studied and condemned for any wrong doing, and details of their private lives are laid bare to be examined by a regular hair dresser, mother, sister and bosom buddies.

However, having a heart-to-heart about all your relationship problems won't make them go away or throw up miracle solutions. In fact, in most cases it can leave you feeling more confused and clueless about what to do next.

We tell you why you should avoid sharing details of your life with these friends.

The judgmental type

When in love, some people prefer wearing blinkers and don't want to be advised even if they are about to fall off the deep end. Nothing scares us more that a friend who will judge us for our so called flaws. Hence, while we may share certain details about our lives with such a type, we may choose not to disclose everything. This can spell disaster, as you may act on their advice.

The one who settled for less

Not everyone has the courage to navigate the choppy waters of singledom. Even few know what they want of it. So, if you are one of the few lucky ones to know exactly what they want and are not willing to settle for anything less, avoid going to the one friend who has gone ahead and done just the opposite. She will only ask you to compromise and accept everything that fate hands out to you and to latch on to the next guy who goes down on his knees even though he may be the worst choice for you.

The ex-files

If your former flame is still a good friend but is holding the torch for you. It's best to avoid discussing your current relationship with him. He may try to sabotage it or use the information to his advantage.

The one who lives in la la land and flatters your ego

Some friends would rather flatter your ego than tell you the truth to avoid bad blood. If you have a friend like this, it's best to keep your lips sealed than take his/her advice and sound the death knell for a budding romance.

Your bitter, single friend

She has had a traumatic relationship, and that colours her perception of any man in a 10 mile radius. She will abuse the male species in every sentence and expect you to join in, in male bashing. A waste of precious time

Your gold digger friend

She only understands money talk, and unless you are speaking the language of finance everything else will fall on deaf ears. Do you really want advice from someone who is not even listening to what you have to say?


Since this term refers to an enemy disguised as a friend the implications of seeking advice from such a person are clear. Since this person does not have your best interests at heart, he/she will only try to influence you to get what he/she wants. In some cases making a play for the guy you like or planting seeds of disastifaction, unhappiness and unrest to make sure that you are not happy. At times, it's just about wanting to have what you have.

So stay clear from a frenemy and take whatever she says with a pinch of salt. Your better off not relying on her for any advice.
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