Dos and don’ts’ of dating your ex again


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Dos and don’ts’ of dating your ex again

Planning to get back with your ex? Here's a few do's and don'ts' of dating again.

If you are thinking of getting back with your ex, make sure that this time around it's a smooth and successful one. Here are a couple of things you need to follow to ensure that this time you have a smooth sail.

Talking to one another

Talking to each other helps bonding better and also getting over past mistakes. Talk to one another about what went wrong before and try and rectify those. Make a resolution of overlooking over petty matters and moving on afresh. Talking actually helps bridge the gap which came in between.

Do not play mind games

Do not use mind games to get back with your ex. Making your ex jealous by dating another person and get his/her attention might just work the other way around. It might lead your ex to move on with someone else and your efforts will go futile. Avoid the mind games and just tackle the issue directly and properly as you can.

Don't be possessive or pushy

Being pushy or possessive about your ex will only irritate him/her. You will simply ruin your chances of being with him. Instead allow your ex to make a decision whether or not he wants to get back with you. Giving him a bit of a space will help him think better and this will also brighten your chances of being together in the future. Remember since you've already broken up with him once, so the rules that apply to those who are still in a relationship are not for you anymore.

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