Dos and Don'ts before a workout


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Jul 5, 2011
Dos and Don'ts before a workout

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think about exercise and workout sessions are sets of endurance and weight training to help us get that "perfect figure" that we all crave for.

But, gym sessions and workout routines are much more than that. A perfect exercise routine is the combined effect of hygiene, nutrition and other pre-workout guidelines. To make your fitness program successful and efficient, you should ensure that you follow the right process. The following simple "Dos and Don'ts" will help you to get the most out of your gym sessions and help you in the process of leading a healthy and fit life.

What to eat:

Prior to working out, do consume apples, bananas and oatmeal particularly if you are training for more than an hour. Being low in glycemic index, these foods help to fuel and energize your muscles for a longer time. However, do not stuff yourself just minutes before your exercise session. The ideal pre-exercise meal should be around 2 hours before exercise.

What not to eat:

Don't take foods that are high in protein and fat levels as they take a longer time to digest. On the contrary, your workout capacity will be reduced as this type of fuel draws oxygen and energy delivering blood from your exercising muscles to your stomach. Trust us; the last thing you would want during your exercise sessions is stomach cramps caused by the ingestion of a heavy diet of proteins and fats.

Warm-up sessions:

Do ensure that you perform your regular warm-ups prior to working out your muscles. Run on a treadmill, perform flexibility movements or jog a while in order to engage all your muscle fibers before exercising. The basic idea is to prepare the involved muscles physiologically and psychologically so that you do not end up causing injury to these muscles or overstretching them. Warm-ups also help to increase the range of motion besides reducing the risk of strains and undue stress.

Proper relaxation:

Don't hit the gym or attempt any kind of high-intensity exercise if you are not properly relaxed or are stressed out due to some reason. The key to a successful workout session is the combined interaction of mind and body. Detach yourself from your regular mundane work pressures or unpleasant thoughts and try to invoke a sense of inner peace and relaxation through meditative techniques, music or even guided imagery. You can also practice gradual breathing exercises to divert your mind from worldly matters and focus on your health and fitness.

Wear loose fitting clothes:

It is true that looking good and trendy helps to stay motivated and confident while exercising. However, do not wear extremely tight garments that not only restrict your free movements but also the proper supply of oxygen containing blood to your exercising muscles. There are a variety of options to choose from but select a variety that breathes well, dries fast and maintains its shape without stretching.

Maintain hygiene:

Exercise and hygiene should always be regarded as synonymous to each other. Perhaps, one of the most important factors to check and ensure before exercising is that personal hygiene is maintained at all times. Take a shower after each workout, and keep a clean towel at hand to wipe off exercise sweat and prevent the spread of germs.

Check your vitals:

Although you may deem this as "not necessary", but checking your physiological vitals is extremely important prior to any form of exercise. A quick check of your blood pressure, pulse rate and resting heart rate will ensure a smooth exercise regime.
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Apr 4, 2011
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