Feb 19, 2013
Dear All,

i have 2 doubt

1 if men can use kumkumapoo power mix with water or milk to drink

2 if oilve oil used in face during night time if the face become dark?

can any one clear my 2 doubt plzzzzzzzzzz:thumbsup:thumbsup
May 26, 2011
Hello Kumar,
Kumkumapoo is basically a blood purifier. So it can be taken by both men and women.
I dont think olive oil will discolour your skin. If you have dry skin, it will act as a good moisturiser. If you have oily skin, it may lead to break outs.


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Dec 2, 2011
Hi Kumar,

As Vegavathy has said, You can use kungumapoo. It is a natural product and there is no harm in using it.

And coming to Olive oil, it is very good for skin and the skin will not become black due to this usage.

Actually you can use a mixture of CASTOR OIL and OLIVE OIL and use it for face. This will help for the glow of the skin.

The castor oil will remove the dirts in the inner skin layer, but will make the skin dry. Whereas, the olive oil will hydrate the skin and will compensate the dryness.

So, this simple oil treatment will keep the skin moist and glow, than using expensive face creams.

And another thing I would like to tell you.

If your color is dark, please do not mind for this.For this purpose, you need not use Kungumapoo and other things.

There is nothing wrong in being dark color. Actually it is good for health. You will never get Skin cancer. And your skin will protect you from many skin problems due to the dark color.

In our country, it is very common being in dark complexion and no body is going to hurt you by words, just for this reason.

I don't mean to hurt you in any way. Please do not mistake me.


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Jul 26, 2012
Dear Sir, Anybody can take saffron. Saffron is not reserved only for ladies. You can take saffron in water as well as milk. The following points may please be noted :

Buy saffron seasonings from a reputable dealer. Powdered saffron may have other things added to it, so unless you know it's 100 percent saffron, stick to the whole threads. They should have a bright red or deep orange color if they are a high quality product. Saffron is quite expensive, so if you are paying a discount price, expect that it probably isn't a very good quality.

2 . Crush and soak the saffron threads in hot liquid for about 15 minutes, and then add the liquid to your recipe. It needs moisture to re-hydrate, release its full flavor and dispense its vibrant color. Soaking it in stock or wine will add an extra layer of flavor to the dish you are preparing. Powdered saffron doesn't require soaking, and it's more concentrated, so use less. Add flavor and color to rice, noodles, soups and cookies. You can also obtain an egg rich color to your baked goods by adding a small amount of saffron.

3. Think of using saffron seasoning with almond, apple, cheese and most grain dishes. It also goes well with other spices, such as cinnamon, rosemary and thyme. The main thing to consider when using saffron with other spices is that they may overpower its unique flavor. You may want to avoid using chile pepper or turmeric in the same dish with saffron for that reason. It's a commonly used spice in Arabic, Indian and Mediterranean cooking and is especially good with fish and seafood. Try some traditional saffron recipes, such as Spanish paella and French bouillabaisse.

4. Consider the other uses of saffron in the past. It's so expensive now most people wouldn't consider using it as a fragrance for their homes and baths as the Romans did. During the Middle Ages, it was used to treat menstrual pain, uterine bleeding and to induce menstruation which could lead to the abortion of a fetus. For this reason, pregnant women should not consume any more than a culinary amount of saffron. It's still used by Chinese herbalists for the treatment of abdominal pain, and it continues to be considered for its capabilities to lower blood pressure.

5. Make some tea by boiling 4 cups of water and adding a pinch of saffron and sugar to taste or try a recipe for Kashmiri tea.

6. Store your saffron in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. It's best if you use it within a year of purchase because the taste and color may begin to deteriorate.

Now coming to your second doubt about usage of olive oil.

As such Olive oil will not turn your face skin complexion black or dark.

you can use olive oil to shave and it makes a great after shave as well. Really. My husband never buys shaving cream anymore.

You even use olive oil on your face and it keeps it moist all day. It soaks easily into your skin and doesn’t leave it feeling greasy.

The biggest benefit here is that olive oil contains four different antioxidants, which help fight off the free radicals that cause aging and skin damage. So using olive oil on your face might be a better choice than other pricey, chemical-stuffed face lotions.

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