Dress smart, look thinner


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Dress smart, look thinner

Here are some tips you can try to look thinner.

Bye-bye arms
To hide those chubby arms, try sheer tops. Wear them over tank or tube tops, or over contrasting bras. They will add to your glamour quotient while smartly concealing your underarm fat.

Slim the paunch
A high-waist shapewear is one-stop solution for hiding that flab around your stomach, hips and thighs. Slimming innerwear reshapes your belly, giving you a smooth and taller look. Also, a dark coloured, wide belt of 3 to 4 inches goes well with tunics and easily hides that paunch.

Flaunt your curves
An empire-waist dress that gathers right beneath the bust is perfect for enhancing the bust and minimising the fat below. It gives an elongated appearance to the torso, while accentuating your curves.

Accessorise well
A larger neckpiece can make you look taller and leaner as it shifts attention away from your figure flaws. If you are heavy on your bust, choose a necklace with a short chain. Accessories like earrings or sparkly headbands are great distractions.

Pick the right heels
If you are short, pick footwear of a colour that's close to your skin tone. This will make you look taller. Heels with ankle straps should be a complete no-no for you as they will cut the leggy look. Shoe boots should also be avoided.

Chuck the busty look
If you are busty, pick dresses with a V neckline as it will give you a narrower look. A vest over a shirt is a smart option. You can also wear a shirt with open buttons and a tank top underneath. It will create a sleek, column-like effect

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