Dress well, conduct yourself better at night-outs


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Jul 5, 2011
Dress well, conduct yourself better at night-outs

So your friend is playing the host of the party tonight and you cannot contain your excitement.

If it's a nightclub you and your gang of friends are planning to hit then it is essential that you carry yourself with elan and etiquette. To spend the night over a few good drinks, casual talks and groovy music, follow these guidelines (read code of conduct) and make your get-together free of hassle and full of memories.

Image consultant Sheena Agarwal discusses etiquette and dressing up tips for a conflict-free night out.

You are what you wear:
Your attire is one of the foremost indicators of your personality. Dressing right for the occasion is very important. If you're going to a trendy, posh nightclub, then dress the part. This means, wear a nice pair of pants, a classy shirt and dressy shoes (relatively dressy). Please stay away from the usual wardrobe choice comprising jeans, cotton t-shirt and sneakers. And even if you've got the style right, wearing runners can really be a spoiler. Most people are either overdressed or underdressed. You should always know the nature of the place before heading out to avoid any discomfort. Don't be partial with your styling. Look complete to feel complete.

Check for dress code:
There are occasions where you need to abide to a certain dress code for instance, recent trends show that formal shoes for men are compulsory at most clubs. Keeping spare pair of shoes in the car trunk can come to rescue. If a friend invites you to a party, always check for the occasion. It is good manners to carry a small gift to private parties. You don't want to be the only one ending up empty-handed. Preparedness goes a long way.

Be chic yet at comfort:
It is very important for women to put together their outfit well to survive a long night. Make sure you are prepared for the evening chill and long hours of dancing. Comfortable shoes are a must; else you will wake up with sore feet the next morning.

Check who is at the wheels:
It makes good sense to decide who amongst you will be controlling the steering that night. Take turns. This way, you will avert untoward incident while keeping the fun quotient intact.

Don't be a hog: You've finally made it to the bar and you're ready for some drinks. If the bar is very busy, it's better to either have one person go to the bar on behalf of your group, or try going separately to avoid bombarding the bartender at once. But if the barkeep is busy, you should all place your orders when you get his attention, because he might not be able to attend to you for a long while.

Post-party dos and don'ts:

-If you are the host, it is considered extremely polite to check with your guests, especially after a long night, if they have reached home safe.

-If you were the invitee, you must always send a thank you message to the host.

-If the party is at someone's place, offer to clean up after the party. Such gestures are remembered forever.

Sheena Agarwal is an image consultant who suggests styling tips and helps with the overall package of your self that you present to the outer world. She has written extensively on fashion trends for men and women, skin care, and related topics.

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