Dressing tricks to hide that flab


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Jul 5, 2011
Dressing tricks to hide that flab

Struggling to mask uncomfortable problem areas on your body? Designer Neeta Lulla and stylist Nisha Kundnani help sort them out

Every woman knows what the uncomfortable parts of her body are. However confident she is, that iffy area bulging out can make her blush and feel uncomfortable. While going under the knife is not really an alluring option for most, there are easier ways to skirt the issue. Try some tweaks in your dressing and accessorize smartly to camouflage what you're trying to hide. Fashion designer Neeta Lulla and stylist Nisha Kundnani tell you how to distract attention with the help of the right accessorise and a few tricks.

Jelly belly
Your belly can be a matter of concern, and not just from a health perspective. If it bulges out and embarrasses you then accentuate your Empire line by wearing high waisted dress or wearing a belt just below your bust. Alternatively, try wearing a tasseled low slung belt on your waist, long necklaces and a triangular scarf left lose. Wear your shirt untucked or a loose blouson top on your pencil skirt. Carry a big day bag on your forearm or a sling bag across till your waist which will hide the unwanted paunch.

Flabby arms and hips
Wearing monotone or a dark colour is a smart way to hide your disproportionate body. If your hip or waist is bigger than the rest of your body, avoid belts. For flabby arms, avoid thick flashy bracelets, gloves or puffy sleeves. They tend to draw undue attention. A pleated or embellished neckline or a sparkly necklace ensures people focus on the right places.

Broad forehead
If you have a broad forehead like Sonakshi Sinha then wearing hats, caps, Alice bands and bandanas will help you cover the sore area easily. If you are going ethnic for a wedding or an event, wear a big maangteeka. Styling your hair to take attention away from your forehead with bangs or a side parting would help too.

Love handles
Never wear a belt on your jeans if your love handles are evident and preferably wear jeans a size larger to banish the muffin top. High waist jeans and an A-line dress will help hide the extra curve. Also try out summer dresses that flare out from the waist.

Short neck
Wear long earrings to frame the face while giving an illusion of a longer neck. While deep V or U-neck adds length to your short neck, delicate long necklaces with a huge pendant will help give your look a sharper edge.

Alternatively, wear a scarf around your neck and let the ends hang lose around your shoulders.

Double chin
Avoid wearing chokers and instead wear longer neck pieces. The neckline of your clothes should look wider or longer which help define the jaw line better.

Flat chest
If you don't have upper curves, don't sulk. Wear clothes with more embroidery and embellishment on the chest area to give you a fuller and curvier look.

Try wearing high necks that help accentuate the bust. Collars and necklaces worn closer to the neck add to the effect.

Broad shoulder
Neeta suggests raglan sleeves or halter as an easy way to tone down your broad shoulders. Keep your shoulders free of any embellishment or embroidery. Steer clear of padded jackets or dresses.

Thick or broad nose
If it's the thick nose that gives you nightmares keep your hair natural, loose and close to your face. Avoid wearing hats and caps; instead wear your hair piled up on your head but loose from the sides.

Heavy chest
If you are endowed with a big bosom which you are not so proud of then wear long chains and long scarves. Avoid square scarves, high necks and any sort of accessory closer to your neck.

Large feet and legs
Avoid T-strap sandals. Keep your feet covered with pumps. The length of your trousers should ideally be below your ankle. Also, avoid wearing narrow ankled trousers or short skirts that may highlight your ankle or foot.

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