Drinking Coffee is Danger for Your Heart

Angu Aparna

Minister's of Penmai
Jul 4, 2011
Earlier research on coffee gave mixed results on the effect of caffeine on the heart. A few studies indicated that it could reduce heart attack risk, while others showed an increased risk.

Recent studies with around 4000 people in Costa Rica by researchers from three leading institutions brought out the fact that people who drink more than 3 cups of coffee are at risk of heart disease. They mention about black coffee, but in India when we take coffee with milk, we may equate it to 4 - 5 cups.

Interestingly, the study indicated that this happens with people under 50 years, who are at greater risk. It implies that people above 50 have a marginal bonus !

It appears that one-cup-a day is not associated with any harm, regardless of our genetic make up. There are certain individuals for whom several cups a day may not be harmful ! They are exceptions and not examples !

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