Eager to start a family

Nov 24, 2011
Eager to start a family

This is for all the women who are have their hearts out in their sleeves and have been eager to start a family. Hold on to this line…. Man chooses when to make love but God chooses when to make life. It’s all a matter of time. For some it just happens unexpectedly…..for some it takes a little longer than expected for some the wait is really long. The key is to just hold on and believe that there is a time for life to unravel and unfold itself… it is happening in the moments to come. Keep dreaming keep hoping keep believing and have the faith.
In the mean while the things that one needs to keep doing………

Ø Have a regular fitness plan and follow it up consistently
Ø Continue to eat healthy…focus on a balanced diet
Ø Processed and junk food should be limited
Ø Work on finding some inner peace, start a hobby or any activity that calms you down and makes you feel happy in your skin
Ø Don’t go around talking to too many people or taking too much advice. Your physician a few trusted friends well wishers and relatives to keep you in good faith.
Ø Work on some activities hobbies or simple sweet nothings as a couple… keep the chemistry alive…keep trying….

Take care…. Love

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