Ear piercing ceremony

Feb 4, 2011

Good Afternoon.

According to hindu tradition, I want to know when we need to do the ear piercing ceremony for the girl baby?

My daughter is now 8 months old.

Kindly provide the informations and procedure for this ceremony too.



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Jun 28, 2011
Hi Devi,

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Ear piercing is considered an important ceremony in many Hindu traditions. The ear piecing ceremony is a ritual performed by all Hindus, irrespective of caste and gender. There is no unanimity regarding the year to perform ear piercing on a Hindu girl child. It is usually performed during the sixth month or seventh month or third year or fifth year or 7th year after birth. In some community this function is celebrated on the child's first birthday (on the Janma Naksathram) by performing Ayush Homam. An auspicious day and auspicious time is chosen for performing the ear piercing ceremony. Special pujas and prayer is done on that day. Earrings are then offered to the child. The ritual is performed on odd years after the birth of the child – 3rd or 5th year. The ritual is not performed during even years after the birth of the child.

This is performed for a child in third or fifth year while some perform it in later years. In Hindu tradition, a pierced ear as a sign of how cultured the family is. This ritual is performed for both girls and boys. The girls retain the holes for wearing studs, while the boys gradually lose them.

According to the ancient book of health and longevity, the ear piercing protects the child from several diseases and it prevents hydrocele and harnia. There are also several scientific beliefs regarding the benefits of ear piercing. It is believed that ear piercing helps in maintaining the regularity in the menstrual cycle of a girl. It is also believed to help in getting rid of hysteria and other diseases. The earrings are believed to help in maintaining the flow of electric current in a human body.

It is held either in a temple or in home. The child is given a purificatory bath and is dressed in new clothes and ornaments. Right at the auspicious time, the right ear of the child is pierced first followed by the left one. In some customs if the child is girl then left ear is pierced first. Priest chants the holy verses from the scriptures. He whispers some mantras in the ear of the child and prays for the child bright future. Following this a thin wire is inserted into the holes to prevent from closing and ointments are applied to heal the wound. After the ceremony Brahmanas are fed and charity is given.

For girl child the first ear pierced is the left ear. Earlier the ritual was also performed on the male child in many Hindu communities. This tradition is even now continued by many communities. For male child the first ear pierced is the right ear.

The ear piercing in some regions is performed by the Goldsmith and he uses gold needles to pierce the earlobe. Gold never rusts and this is the reason for using gold needles.



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Oct 22, 2012
Thanks for info Sumathi ka.... Naan just like that kadaiku poi Aditri ku kaadhu kuthiten....

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