Early Signs of Autism in Infants


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Jun 28, 2011
Must-know early signs of autism in infants from the American Academy of Pediatrics

Below are possible warning signs in children from age 2 months to 2 years; if you observe any of these, talk to your doctor, who will then decide whether more testing is necessary. Don't fret if you occasionally see one or two of these—it could be another type of language, learning, or behavior problem, or even nothing at all.

BY 2 TO 3 MONTHS, your baby isn't making frequent eye contact.

BY 3 MONTHS, he isn't smiling at you.

BY 6 MONTHS, he doesn't laugh.

BY AROUND 8 MONTHS, he isn't following your gaze when you look away from him.

BY 9 MONTHS, he hasn't begun to babble.

BY 1 YEAR, he isn't consistently turning to you when you call his name.

BY 1 YEAR, he hasn't begun to wave bye-bye.

BY 12 TO 14 MONTHS, he hasn't said a single word.

BY 14 MONTHS, he isn't pointing to show interest.

BY 18 MONTHS, he doesn't play “pretend.”


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