Easy Exercises to do at Home


Ruler's of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Not having access or the money to attend a gym should not be a barrier to maintaining good health as it is possible to find good exercises to do at home that will ensure that you keep in shape.

Knowing what exercises to do at home can offer peace of mind, assuring the ability to follow a work out regime at your own pace. Whether lacking the confidence to attend the public arena of a gymnasium, or disinclined to pay the necessary fees, there are some simple work outs you can complete in your own home that will ensure that you still get the same benefits.

Using space and furniture to your advantage

When deciding what exercises to do at home, the full extent of the space available must be taken into consideration. This will help determine the types of workouts that will be possible in accordance with the space and the surroundings. As many different physical poses are necessary for an effective workout routine, you must ensure there is sufficient room in your home to properly stretch. Make sure you have enough floor space in which to work out while avoiding the risk of knocking against anything. Use a sofa or easy chair by resting your hands on the seat from the rear in order to complete tricep dips. Both push-ups and sit-ups can be undertaken where the space permits, as can lunges to tone the thighs and bottom. A home that has a staircase can be beneficial for exercises to do at home as the aerobic exercise that ordinarily takes place in a step class can be undertaken there.

Consider convenient equipment

The wide range of fitness equipment available on the retail market makes it possible to make use of them as part of your regime, increasing the quantity and quality of exercises to do at home. Exercise apparatus that can be folded away or used in a variety of different ways can offer a convenient way to work out. A pair of wrist weights or barbells can be easily stored and will enable you to tone your arms and shoulders with bicep curls and simple raises. Resistance bands can be used in a number of different ways for both the arms and legs, for example, side leg lifts with the band around the ankles. If you spend much of the time working at a desk, you may find a mini-cycle beneficial, a set of pedals that can be operated as you sit at the next, negating the need for a full static bike. A Swiss Ball can be used for a range of moves from press-ups to crunches and can be deflated when it is not needed for easy storage.

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