Easy remedies to stay healthy


Commander's of Penmai
Jul 9, 2015

Take greens everyday.It has all vital ingredients to stay healthy.
Take 2 dates everyday.
Do not take sour curds.
Take 5 liters of water per day.
Do simple exercises and pranayama.
Take plenty of green vegetables and fruits
Have oil bath twice a week.
Detox your body every 3 months.
Take sprouted pulses every day.
Never consume full stomach.

We have forgotten all our old traditions ,hence the problem.
Home is sweet home.
we must take steps exspecially the ladies. Mothers.

1.Detoxing is a must once in 3or 4 months.
2.in villages still it's a practice .
3. They give ginger juice also once in a while to children above 5 yrs in empty stomach .

added to that the sunflower oil.
long back its used only in vanaspsthi making.
keep the oil in a ever silver jar.for 2 months.
similarly gangly as well coconut.oil,groundnut oil each separate small jars.
now check yourself .
change the jars .
pour water in each.
sunfower oil jar has lots of white stickiness than other,we have to clean only with hot water and lots of soap than other jars.
ohooo God ,how we are eating slowly indirectly poison ,which helps stiffness of joints etc

now doctors recommends to change different type of oils to cook.
donot use same oil...(who is the prey now,it took years to learn)

At least let's save our next generation from Arthrities cancer etc.
Lets start from home.

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