Easy Steps on how to do your Makeup!!


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Sep 3, 2012
How many of us love getting ready for a wedding or a party or any other special occasion?? And how many of us get confused as to what comes first– eye makeup or foundation, eyeliner or mascara?? Isn't it?? Worry not, follow these easy steps of how you can do your makeup yourself, while getting ready for someone’s wedding.

STEP 1. Begin with skin care and then use primer

STEP 2. Move on to the foundation

STEP 3. Time for the eye shadow

STEP 4. Kajal, followed by the eyeliner

STEP 5. Time to curl your lashes and apply mascara

STEP 6. Moment to add some blush

STEP 7. Contour and highlight

STEP 8. Line your lips

STEP 9. Apply your lip color

STEP 10. Get ready to smile


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