Easy-to-do, runway-inspired hairstyles


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Jul 5, 2011
Easy-to-do, runway-inspired hairstyles

A multitude of styling options, trendiness and versatility, the runway hairstyles pose as a great source for inspiration. We share some effortless options to accentuate your diva style.

Hairstyles never grow out of fashion. True, the new season is bringing back the old and the new as far as style goes. The latest Fall/Winter 2011-2012 sparked a few romantic and frivolous to ascetic and sleek trends.

Michelle Tung, hairstylist and make-up expert says, "With the newest hairstyle trends emerging in the fashion circuits, there are myriad options to choose from."

Side swept ponytail

Hairstylist, Blow Hair, Pramod Pawar says, "High or low, this simple, easy-to-do hairstyle has dominated the runways both internationally and on the home front. These easy-to-do hairstyles can be tried by women at home."

How to do:
- Brush your hair to get all the knots out.
- Part your hair to the side, leaving about one-third of your hair on the side of the ponytail.
- Gather all the hair onto the shoulder with the larger part.
- Get a hair elastic and make it into a tight or a loose ponytail.
- Use a non-aerosol spray to lock it in.
- For a laid-back look, simply brush your hair and pull it to the side leaving a few strands to fall on the opposite side of the ponytail.
- You can either use a hair band, or simply comb a fringe out.

The puff is known to be a versatile trend simply because, of its variations including a front puff with a ponytail or a bob style with a front puff for volume. The style can be adapted for nearly any type of hair, including straight, wavy, curly or kinky. What's more it requires minimal styling.

How to do:
- Use the tail end of a comb to separate the section of hair for the puff from front to back.

- If you want sections to blend, wiggle the tail back and forth as you grab the hair to avoid a straight part.
- Start twisting the section of hair until it reaches the scalp. You can decide whether to twist from the top or bring it back a bit.
- Keep it messy and natural and secure the hair with bobby pins.
- Part the remaining hair into two and braid the hair and roll it up into a bun and secure it with bobby pins.
- Pull out the loose strands from the braids to give it that unfinished look.

Messy knots
A simple style that has caused a furore in the hairstyle trends of 2011, this style is practical and quite easy-to-do. "The current trend is all about wearing your hair with simplicity and minimal fuss. Also, it is about maintaining an effortless look," adds Sylvia Chen, hairstylist, Butterfly Pond.

How to do:
- On dry unwashed hair apply some texture spray and scrunch hair using fingers for giving it a loose separation in the hair with volume.

- Section the hair into two parts from ear to ear (front and back).
- Tie hair into a messy bun and secure it with a rubber band and bobby pins. This bun lends structure for the hair do.
- Move to the front section taking about 1 inch thick strands, loosely twist hair and place hair on top of the bun, and continue till all the hair in front sits casually on top of the bun.
- Secure each section using U-pins and bobby pins.
- Use a hair spray for hold.

Side bun
The side bun hairstyle is getting popular since they have made a huge comeback on the runways. Simple and sophisticated, it is a low maintenance look that provides a secure, elegant and a stylish appearance for any occasion.

How to do:
- Part your hair to one side. The part should start directly above the middle of the eyebrow on whichever side you choose.

- Pull all your hair around behind your head over to the same side that you parted to on. Pin it in place at the back of the head to keep it to that side.

- To add body and shape to your bun, you can curl the hair from half way down the first shaft and pin the curls into a bun.

- Keep teasing sections of the hair as you are forming the bun if you want it big.

- You can pin a flower pin or simply wear a beaded hair band to highlight the look.

Hair jewels
Michelle Tung, suggests, ''One of the trends emerging is wearing ornamental bands or flowers to accentuate the hair."

How to do:
- Brush your hair back into a ponytail and grasp with hand.
- Twist hair and lift upwards and pin it into a bun.
- Secure with either a jaw clip, ornamental or flower band, tiaras and head pieces to highlight.

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