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Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
ways to live a happy meaningfukl life

Essentially, the secret to a Happy, Meaningful and Good Life is to live one day a time. Instead, just go about the business of life by living each day as well as you can.they would go a long way in expanding your spiritual and personal growth and ensuring that you really maximize your human potential.

1. Wake up Early:
This gets the day off to a great start. The early morning hours are full of spiritual energy and prana (life force) and are an ideal time for your daily sadhana (meditation, yoga or other spiritual practice).

2. Sweat Everyday:
If possible try to break a sweat everyday, and a sauna does not count. This means to get some form of exercise and keep the body in tip top shape. The body is not you, but is the vehicle through which you live and worship, so treat it like a temple and take care of it.

3. Daily Meditation:
This is the most important criteria. This invitation by the Divine should not be taken lightly. Not all receive the invite, or at least not all are aware of the beckoning, so if you are being roused from the dream by the gentle hand of your Divine Nature do everything you can Wake Up!

4. Spend Time is Nature:
The spiritual path can be described in 1 word – CONNECT. That one word describes all the Vedas, Gita, Upanishads, Bible, Koran, Tantras, etc. One of the best ways to connect is to be with Nature intimately. .

5. Complete Your Daily Affairs:
Don’t procrastinate, don’t delay, don’t put off what needs to done. The old proverbs are very wise. "A stitch in time saves nine" and "Don’t put off till tomorrow what can be done today". Life, the moment, provides challenges to you and when you meet them, life opens up. If they linger, they are like blockages, they prevent your life from moving forward. Your inner voice will constantly remind you what needs to be completed. Heed this suggestion and you will be surprised at the rewards.

6. Spend Some Time Alone:
Each day we should try to make some space for spending time alone. Not only that, we should spend this time not in entertainment. In other words sitting alone watching TV, or surfing the internet, and going to sleep does not count. One should try to just be alone without excessive stimulation and of course be Awake. When one is alone in this way, not escaping into some entertainment, it will give one visibility into the self in action. This is essential if one is to be a Light Onto Oneself.

7. Do Your Daily Accounting at the End of the Day:
This is a wonderful meditation to adopt into one’s lifestyle. It does not require much effort to do and the rewards gained from this simple technique are enormous. At the end of the day spend some time to think the entire day activities till the present moment So much self-knowledge can be gained by this simple accounting method. It will help balance your life, prevent incomplete emotions from spilling over into the subconscious mind and give you tremendous insight.

8. Do at Least One Good Deed:
Everyday do something good for someone else. Do something thoughtful, kind, generous. Greed, aggression, competitiveness, arrogance, ambition are so widespread, take a moment and contribute to the energy of thoughtfulness, generosity, compassion, humility and giving. Do it without focusing on the reward.

9. Get Some Entertainment:
You need to relax and enjoy yourself daily as well. You will really be able to laugh and be happy. You will be full of joy and humor. spend some time just in healthy entertainment like a short walzer with your soulmate or a joke or humorous incident to share everyday as well. It is important for your mind, body and spirit.

10. Do Something Difficult:
Everyday you should take on the challenge of doing something which is outside your comfort zone. . So have courage and take on the challenge of doing those things which you know deep inside you need to do, but have been able to cleverly avoid. it could be as simple as making a difficult phone call, to turning off the TV, or talking pure tamil without mixing other languages

So its time to walk the walk…


Citizen's of Penmai
Registered User
Oct 15, 2011
Useful tips friend. Leading a meaningful life is differ person to person. Anyway thanks for sharing your thoughts.
Sep 19, 2011
Hi viji,

The ways for a meaningful life u have given is 100% true. U have explained it in a simple way. keep sharing something like this



Friends's of Penmai
May 29, 2011
i'm following almost all ways u mentioned here...try to cope up with wht i couldn't among 10 ways..thnx a lot viji..keep up the gud work :)

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