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Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
B C Forbes
Upon our children -- how they are taught -- rests the fate -- or fortune -- of tomorrow's world.

Intelligence is a person's capacity to (1) acquire knowledge (i.e. learn and understand), (2) apply knowledge (solve problems), and (3) engage in abstract reasoning.
Intelligence is not fixed upon certain measurement and only limited when kids are born. Every person develops intelligence with various ways which are known as
Multiple Intelligences. Mozart, a genius musician is a composer and symphonist who is an example of one with musical intelligence, while Einstein is one of the world scientists who has logics and mathematics intelligence. Is Einstein more intelligent that Mozart? Seen from the theory of multiple intelligences,
Einstein and Mozart are equally intelligent, but they are different fields. Thus, your children have the chance to develop their intelligence in various fields.

There are 8 intelligences, which are language intelligence, logics/mathematics intelligence, visual-spatial intelligence, musical intelligence, motion intelligence, nature intelligence, social intelligence, and self intelligence. Every person is likely to have them, but has dissimilar development.

For years, teachers have been developing strategic instruction to create an interesting learning activity. Schools adopt Multiple Intelligences through reports
of academic test approach that cover areas of intelligences in art, music, education, physics, social relation, self understanding, and nature interest. As parents,
you probably ask how to help the kids learn? The answer is out Here! You can help your children grow smarter by exploring them with various activities.

It’s a pity if parents too much force their wishes to their children that the kids couldn’t develop their ability optimally. Never let yourself as parent late to recognize your child’s potential since it can disturb his/her intelligence in the future. Age 3 and 5 are the golden period for babies’ brain development.
At the age 10, children’s brain ability has been built well.

There are some ideas to develop kids’ intelligence that you can apply at home:

Enriching the House and Environment

To let your kids developing their potential of intelligence, you need to modify the environment with various activities and facilities.
The most important thing in the learning process of your kids is your existence. There are some ideas that you can do with the kids:


Love the Books. One activity that the children really like is reading. For kids at the age of preschool, start by introducing them fairy tales,
simple poems, kids readings. At the age of school, introduce them to kids magazines, novels, comics and encyclopedia.

Television. Believe it or not, TV can demonstrate many things through educational programs or DVDs. Or the kids can learn reading through the dialog text from TV.

Write a Lot. Support writing activities by preparing papers, pens, pencils and crayons.


Provide mathematics instruments. Let the kids exploring with compass, rulers, scales, measuring glass.

Use tools. Tools are related to logics and body movement intelligence. Every tool needs logical understanding to use it. Push kids to learn using various tools.

Computer. Your kids must have liked to press buttons or play games. Kids at school age can already be taught to make database, surf websites or learn
Microsoft that can build their logical setting and structure.


Provide handicraft supplies. It’s really fun when your kids made it to create things from papers, crayons, scissors and glue.

Provide painting supplies. Start teaching your kids how to paint by using fingers then move on by using watercolors, acrylics and oil paints.

Use software. You can also teach your kids to paint and make illustration with computers.


Music player. Study shows that kids who listen to Mozart’s for 10 minutes will achieve better in spatial activities. Research shows
some certain types of music can increase kids’ intelligence.

Instruments. Research proves that playing music is not only increasing children’s musical intelligence but also can develop brain parts.

Karaoke. Facilitate your kids with various songs they can sing along with.

Body Movement/Kinesthetic

Wardrobe. Develop kids’ imagination by playing as actors who wear costume and makeup.

Sport equipments. Sport equipments and games help to develop eyes-hands coordination and develop kids’ motorist movement. Physical activities also take role in the development of cerebellum, part of brain that controls some motorist functions and memories, concentration, perception, spatial and language.

Light motorist movement activities. Develop kids’ light motorist movement with some activities like sewing, knitting, drawing or other activities
which use the skill of hands and feet.


Fish pond. Try putting your kids’ hands to inside fish pond or aquarium. Careful not to let them put their hands or toys to mouth.

Pets. Having pets is the best way for children to interact with animals. Kids will learn habits, characteristics and different personalities of animals.

Garden. Garden of flowers or plants can be a wonderful adventure. You could also teach the kids how to grow plants in pots.

Observation tools. Observing through telescope or using measuring glass or microscope to analyze.


Appreciate kids’ privacy. Sometimes your kids need some time alone without interaction or disturbance from outside. They just want to listen to their mind.
Is there any place for your kids to sit and muse at home? Probably in bedroom or at the garden.

Hobby station. Support your kids to do their hobbies. You can register them to classes of photography, journalist, vocal, music, or drawing to develop
their interpersonal intelligence.

Studying area. It’s an area where kids can enjoy their spare time by writing diary or placing their private stuff.

Remember that the most important element to increase children’s intelligence is what you and your kids do together and not just what they get and have.

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