Easy Toddler Exercises


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Easy Toddler Exercises

Toddlers are hyper-active. When the baby starts crawling, you cannot control the non-stop toddling of the child. However, every mother has to massage her toddler every day. Hand massage with oil strengthens bones and helps in the growth and development of the toddler's body. You should try different ways to strengthen the knee and legs of the toddler. Strong bones protect the toddler from diseases. Exercise is essential for the growth and development of the toddler. Here are few simple exercises that a mother can easily make her toddler do.

Easy toddler exercises:
Walking: Go out for an evening walk with your toddler. After the toddler returns from play school, let the child take rest for a while. In the evening, take the toddler out and go for a walk. Both mother and the child get to benefit from this aerobic exercise of walking. Try to run for a while so that the blood circulation increases.

Catch-catch: Kids love balls. Be it a toddler or a grown up kid, playing catch-catch with a ball will always excite them. So, try this exercise with your toddler. Working women may not find time to play this game or conduct this exercise with her toddler regularly. So, make it a routine to play once in week.

Learning body parts: This is not a physical exercise but a mental one. To strengthen the memory of your toddler, you must always have mental exercises in your list. Teach them the body parts and ask them to name each. This mental exercise will help the toddler gain knowledge and also have a strong memory.

Jump and roll: Ask your toddler to jump and roll with you. Be a trainer for your toddler. Take a small jump and then ask your child to follow you. Jumping and rolling exercises makes your toddler stretch, bend and twist his or her body. This makes the child flexible and enhances the growth and development of their body.

Mimicry: Ask your toddler to mimic an animal. For example, a dog or cat mimicry helps the toddler to strengthen knee bones. It is also an effective exercise to increase the flexibility of the toddler. You can even ask your toddling kid to mimic his or her favourite cartoon character.

These are few effective exercises that you can make your toddler do. Apart from engaging in physical exercises, play mental games. Plan some exercises that include counting, recognising things etc. This will help the toddler grow and develop both physically and mentally. Let your toddler mix with other toddlers. Kids of same age gel well and become more active. If you are too busy and cannot take time out for the exercise, let the toddler play with other friends. He or she will be more active and enthusiastic.

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