Eat right food at the right time


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Jul 5, 2011
Eat right food at the right time

Is there an ideal time to eat certain foods? Sift the facts from the myths.

Much confusion abounds over when to eat what. I've heard many people say that fruit in the morning is gold, silver in the afternoon and lead at night. Is drinking water a big no-no during meals? Should yoghurt be avoided at night? Is there a scientific basis to these beliefs or are these merely myths that we grew up with?

Fruits in general are easy to digest for most. The truth is a fruit is a fruit- morning, noon or night. It can be eaten alone, as part of a meal or as dessert. As I see it, there are two issues, individual sensitivities and the total amount of fruit. Many are sensitive to certain fruits like bananas, strawberries, papaya and pineapples and they tend to feel uncomfortable if they consume these alone rather than combined with a meal. Having a fruit right after a meal for most means loading up on carbohydrates over and above the requirement at that time.

This can lead to discomfort, bloating and hyperacidity. It is advisable either to replace or reduce the carbohydrates consumed through cereals in a meal with a fruit, or else wait for an hour or two to snack on it. Remember again, it is the quantity, which matters. Also feel free to combine your favourite fruits together. Sensitivity to fruits can also be a sign of dysbiosis or a weakened digestive system. This can be because of prolonged or frequent use of certain medications like antibiot-Is there an ideal time to eat certain foods? Sift the facts from the myths. ics, steroids, pain killers, hormone therapy or stress and smoking. Fruits such as bananas and berries which act as probiotics and prebiotics can help restore the balance. Fruit juices must be avoided for such people including those who are watching their weight or are diabetic.

Many believe that yoghurt is contraindicated at night. Scientifically, there is no evidence to validate this belief. It appears that the origin of this belief was in traditional societies when refrigeration was not available. In those days yoghurt set in the daytime would be unfit for consumption by night time, particularly in warm humid climates. It's time that we evolve in context of our current lifestyles.

Adequate fluid intake through the day (upto 2.5 litres on average) is recommended. This may vary due to individual variations, activity and weather conditions. Water taken before or with the meal in moderate amounts does not conflict with any digestive processes However, in large quantities, water taken with meals will lead to fullness and may limit the amount of food consumed.

Combos are Cool Food combinations too seem to bother many. Some believe that carbohydrates and proteins or two kinds of proteins should not be mixed together. There is absolutely no basis for such beliefs. Foods come as combinations of carbohydrates and proteins naturally. For example, cereals and pulses are a combination of carbohydrates and proteins. Likewise, milk is a combination of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. In fact, combinations help in making complete proteins. So go ahead, enjoy your meals and do not get bogged down by myths and unwarranted restrictions. Eat a variety of foods, watch how much you eat and remain physically active.
Jun 25, 2012
Hai guys

Every wants to be healthy and fitly, for that we have to put some efforts on our body.Here i want to give some health tips to you.......
* Wake up early.
* Take healthy food like milk, boiled egg, leafy vegetables.
* Do not take take oil food, because oil will increase the unwanted fat.
* go to sleep early.
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