Eating disorder: Warning signs ....Behavioural, Physical and Psychological signs


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Eating disorder: Warning signs

It is important to know that it is very difficult to spot the warning signs of an eating disorder.

In many cases, the person undergoing it doesn't even realise that they have an eating disorder. In such situations, one must compare behavioural warning signs along with physical and psychological signs to determine the presence of an eating disorder. Although, all these signs may not be the same for every person, watch out for the following signs.

Behavioural Signs

Extreme dieting: skipping meals, fasting, replacing food with fluids etc

Binge eating: excessive eating, overeating, hoarding food etc

Self induced vomiting: frequent trips to the bathroom after every meal

Laxative use or abuse

Excessive exercising: refusing to stop exercising, exercising when injured etc

Avoiding social situations that involve food

Frequent excuses to avoid meals

Throwing out food deceptively

Physical signs

Extreme weight loss

Swollen jaw line or damaged teeth because of frequent vomiting

Disturbed menstruation

Constant fatigue

Frequent dizziness spells

Psychological signs

Very conscious about your body shape and appearance

Fear of weight gain

Constant complaining about being fat when they are probably underweight

Sensitivity to criticism about body appearance or eating habits

Nervousness and anxiety during meal times

Guilt or self-loathing after eating

Social withdrawal

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