Eating during nausea and vomiting

Nov 24, 2011
Eating during nausea and vomiting

This phase can be very difficult for pregnant woman. First thing that they need to know is they don’t need to handle the pressure of eating healthy and nutritious food for the baby right now.

Eating healthy is crucial, filling the stomach with bare minimum food and hydrating themselves keeping their energy levels up to is what they need to focus on.

Most important don’t in this phase is not to take any medications without consulting their obstetrician. Identify nausea and vomiting triggers - it could be anything edible or any other source. Try and stay away.
It doesn’t matter even if it is a food source that is healthy. What is crucial is you don’t get dehydrated, tired and averse to food and starve.

Eat in very small quantities. Meager quantities whatever suits you in any form what you can sustain in multiple intervals which you can sustain and don’t throw up. Rest amply and relax. That will help.

Indulging in an indoor hobby for a small amount of time will help keep the mind diverted and relax.

Please take the medicines prescribed to you by your obstetrician if any, for vomiting. Excessive vomiting leading to fatigue and dehydration which is not a good thing. Visualize your baby and know you are in this together and you will make it through this phase one day at a time.

Take care… Happy Pregnancy….



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