Eating Egg Yolks is as ‘bad as Smoking’


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Eating Egg Yolks is as ‘bad as Smoking’

The Yolk eaters have a truth to consider about feeding on the yolks. The scientist made a research and came out with the conclusion that eating eggs yolk is two thirds as bad as smoking. The people are warned to be careful about eating the yolks because it has the same effects with smoking. Those who feed on the yolks have a high risk of getting a heart disease or infection that might even lead to death. The problem starts on the arteries which harden thus causing a condition known as atherosclerosis. This is a condition whereby the arteries thicken due to the plaques formed by aggravation of the cholesterol.

Thickening of the arteries disrupt appropriate transportation of blood into the arteries thus overworking the heart. If a heart is overworked it may result into a heart attack which causes immediate death. This study was carried out in a university and proper evaluations were made to come up with the above results and conclusions.

However, this condition does not come out immediately after one takes a yolk, it occurs if ones get used to eating the yolks more frequently. This is because the accumulation of the plaques is gradual as one continues to feed on the yolks.

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