Eating Habbit of Kids

Dec 30, 2011
Hi ,

I have a problem with the eating habbit of my daughter.She is 2 .5 years old.She never chew and eat the food when we feed her.She just swallows it.Also she never tries any new food items.She is just 10kg as of now.
It is very difficult to answer friends and family if they ask " why she is so lean".Any suggestions to change this eating habbit.



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Dec 2, 2011
Welcome to Penmai...Mr. Prasath.

Yes....few children do like this.

For this, you and your wife should set as an example for few months.

First, you and your wife should take one spoon of the food or one piece of any food and show her, how you bite and chew the food before swallowing.

You may do this in a playful manner and not like teaching her. For few days, for each and every spoon of food, you may follow this. Then your wife has to instruct her to chew the food as you both did.

Your wife can feed your child's doll and tell your daughter, that now the doll is biting the food or chewing the food before swallowing...she can make some sounds for this. This will tempt your daughter.

Give her coconut pieces, fresh carrot, fresh radish,soaked almonds, cashews, other nuts,biscuits, and ask her to bite them little by little.

Tell her, that if she is swallowing the food items, without chewing, her teeth would fall without any strength, the food articles would get struck in the throat due to which , she would not be able to talk to you , sing the rhymes etc (these things you may tell to change her).

Tell her, that all the other children and the cartoon characters are so strong only by eating all the food items and by chewing them before swallowing.

Tell her she would find it very difficult even to play, speak and study (which will make her intelligent like you), if she is not eating all the food items and if she is just swallowing it.

For each and every food item, your wife may tell the good qualities of them and it would help to grow lengthy hair, grow tall, strong, her hands and feet would look nice, she would look beautiful, she will have very good eyesight and all the other things which will tempt the child to eat everything without hesitation.

And the next important thing is the child would want attractive shapes of the food items (for example...the dosa , chapathi, can be prepared in different shapes, instead of the regular shapes)...they need variations in everything.

And regarding the weight of her, it is too low. Have you consulted with the Pediatrician , and rule out any ailments.

Once in a week, she can be given Ginger juice (inji sorasam ), omam water, which will increase her appetite.
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